End of year post

Hi folks,

As we draw near to the end of 2016, we’re reflecting on the events that have affected business this year. Most notably, the Brexit referendum is the main talking point of the year amongts our network and clients. How has it affected your business? There’s lots to sort out in Westminster and Brussels in the coming months, with Article 50 expected to be triggered in the first half of 2017.

Do you keep your office clean and tidy? The FT ran a story recently on embracing a messy desk. We’re not convinced, but have a read  and let us know what you think: https://www.ft.com/content/e6f82da0-8b4d-11e6-8cb7-e7ada1d123b1

At AM HQ, we keep our workplace clean and tidy at all times as it helps with overall office productivity. If your office is full to brimming, then you can always store your items off-site (read our self-storage guide here).

What challenges has your business faced in 2016? How did you deal with them? And what are looking forward to in 2017? Leave a comment below or contact us via our online form.

We’d like to wish all of our readers festive greetings and look forward to hearing from you.



Business Coaching – Growing Your Business

If you run a business then you’ll know you have to have a variety of skills to deal with the everyday tasks. Management and leadership is often an area that business owners seek to improve.

Business coaching in these areas can help business owners be more effective in managing their team and can be delivered in bite size chunks or full day workshops.

So what can a business coach do for you and your business? Well, they can help you step back from your every day role and see things differently. Coaching will help you focus on business situation analysis, planning, implementation and business strategy. It can also help with effective leadership and training as well as working on soft skills, such as presenting and dealing with people.

A business coach will also ask key questions about your marketing and business development plan to ensure a sufficient amount of pipeline business coming through.

You can find a business coach at your local Chamber of Commerce or look online for business coaching courses. You many find your business is eligible for funding or grants for business coaching so it’s well worth investigating.

New beginnings

Hello and warm welcome to this new blog of mine.

I’m super excited to get the site off the ground and thanks must go to my friend Dave who has helped me with the more technical aspects. Thanks to him, I now know a little more about domains, DNS, hosting and WordPress. Dave, you are my hero, thanks honey.

So what is this blog going to about? Well, pretty much everything to be honest. I like to write about a variety of topics so expect a wide range of stuff here. There’ll be posts about busines, love, life, buildings, news and of course animals. My pet retriever Dylan will no doubt make an appearance once I’ve figured out how to upload the pics I have of him.

In the meantime folks, I’ll leave you to get oriented with the site but if you have any feedback, please send me a message using the contact form on the menu above.

Thanks SO much for coming to visit and see you soon.



CEO Fraud – the new fight

If you worked in a large corporate business and you received an email from from the boss asking you to transfer funds ASAP, would you act on it?

It turns out many are falling for a new scam, called “CEO Fraud”. What’s happening is, people receive request purporting to be from a senior figure in their company asking them to transfer high sums of money to other accounts. It’s a relatively lo-tech scam which preys upon on psychological manipulation and a willingness by the recipient to get the job done. I mean, who wants to let the boss down right?

You can read more at this BBC article on the topic.

If you work in a company where this could happen to you, be vigilant!